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Photo Name Unit of
Price per unit,
Coat hanger event 300
Clothes rack wheeled event 1500
Pavilions rent
Stands of a standard construction of SYMA and OCTANORM exhibition equipment
Showcase — modular (1600х350х350 mm) event 1300
Showcase — counter (close) event 1000
Showcase — counter h 1,1-1*0,5 with lock / with lighting event 1500/2000
Showcase — counter h 1,1-1*0,5 with lock / with lighting event 1300/1800
Showcase — counter h 1,1-1,52*0,5 with lock / with lighting event 3000
Showcase-cabinet h 2,5-1*0,5 with lock / with lighting event 2300/3300
Showcase-cabinet h 2,5-1,52*0,5 with lock / with lighting event 5500
Showcase-cabinet h 2,5-0,5*0,5 with lock / with lighting event 1800/2800
Showcase-cabinet with lighting (narrow with locks, 2150х500x500 mm) event 1500
Showcase-cabinet with lighting (2017х1000х500 mm) event 2000
Artificial tree event 600
Grey sofa event 3500
Reception desk counter, semicircular (white, h 1,1-1,52*0,5) Octanorm event 2500
Reception desk counter, straight (white, 1030-1020-520 mm) event 1300
Reception desk counter, semicircular with perforation (gray, h 1060 mm, 1620 external arch) event 2500
Reception desk counter, semicircular with perforation small (gray, h 1050 mm, 1150 external arch) event 2000
Reception desk counter (white, h 1,1-1*0,5) Octanorm event 1600
Carpeting sq.m. 600
Grey armchair event 800
Metal hook event 30
Lamp pin event 500
Mobile exhibition stand (ZAP3) event 8000
Mobile advertisign Pop up construction "Nomadic" (2,3х3х0,5m) event 11000
Podium 1x1x0.5 m event 1000
event 1600
Pinspot 50W (cold light) event 700
Pinspot 50W (warm light) event 700
Light column event 5500
LED linear event 700
Net with hanging baskets event 500
Shelf stand event 1500
Advertising rack event 1500
Coffee table (h45*55*55) event 800
Coffee table (h45*120*70) event 1500
Round table with glass top (D 1050mm, 890 mm) event 2000
Office table (conference table) (1400x700, 1800x750 mm) event 1000
Office gray table (round D 1200 mm, square 800x800mm) event 800
White plastic table (800х800 mm) event 300
Fence posts (with tape) event 700
Fence posts (with staple) event 300
Office chair event 400
Bar chair (white) event 600
Bar chair event 400
Whie plastic chair with perforation (Ikea) event 400
White plastic chair event 150
Folding chair (grey) event 400
Numbered sticker 1 pcs 10
Prolyte truss system (node) event 1000
Prolyte truss system event 600
Portable flagstaff 1 pcs 1200
Stationary flagstaff 1 pcs 600
Refrigerated display case +2-8C event 3200
Refrigerated display case +2-8C event 5000
Refrigerator (household) event 3200
Refrigerator (with a glass door) event 3200
Cooling chest (1,45*0,65) event 5000
Сonference halls rent
Stands of a non-standard construction of OCTANORM exhibition equipment
Baikal - North Sea Hotel
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Armat Hotel
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Rent of exhibition equipment
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Rent of tableware
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